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01 June 2011
AES On-Demand
expands its services. Now, you can customize a hybrid-soultion that meets All your Staffing needs - saving you time and money.

01 July 2011
AES Contract Staffing
provides Staff Augmentation solutions for all Industries. AES. offers complete Staffing Solutions for every situation: Executive Search, Contract Staffing.

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INDIA: +91-80 41537983.

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Our Methodolgy.

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AES  brings  its Project Management  experience in managing  and  monitoring  the quality  and  timelines of work done.  AES has already established its own development methodologies and process, however, the  team  can  also  adapt  to  the  practices  and  methodologies  of  its  clients  depending  on  the  agreement set at  the beginning  of  the  project. One key advantage of our workforce is flexibility and dependability.

At  the  core  of  AES’s project  development and delivery  processes  are the best  of  the  breed software systems for project management, source code control and testing.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated Senior Developers / Software Engineers 

  • Adaptive working hours depending on the clients’ time zone

  • 24/7 Internet connectivity

  • Dedicated VoIP line for the dedicated developers to coordinate with the customer

  • Video Conferencing over the internet

  • One supervisor for every 4 developers to ensure delivery