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01 June 2011
AES On-Demand
expands its services. Now, you can customize a hybrid-soultion that meets All your Staffing needs - saving you time and money.

01 July 2011
AES Contract Staffing
provides Staff Augmentation solutions for all Industries. AES. offers complete Staffing Solutions for every situation: Executive Search, Contract Staffing.

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Engagement Model.

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Manage Mode

In this engagement, the developers will be fully managed by AES Managers.  The deliverables and system specifications will be fully defined by the Tibco clients.  At the start of the engagement the AES Project Manager will be Involve developing a detailed project plan specifying the major milestones and deliverables of the project.  This project plan will be approved by the Tibco client and will be regularly tracked through the Project Server that will be set up for the client for status tracking.

Customer Manage Mode

Full control over the offshore developers and technical resources are given to the MBS partners / customer. The dedicated developers can be an extension of their TIBCO resources or office. A project coordinator is usually assigned to oversee and coordinate with the Tibco client with regards to progress, attendance and other minor logistic concerns. The deliverables and assignment of the developers will be the full responsibility of the client.

On-site and Off-Site Dedicated Developer Deployment

In this engagement, the project might require deployment of some of the members of the development team on-site. This may be at the start of the engagement and during the deployment stage.

How do we guarantee successful delivery?

AES ensures that all projects meet our customer‘s requirements and expectations. The following three aspects of our project methodology have been proved to guarantee the successful delivery

  • Quality Assurance

    We have a repeatable, effective software development process and a well-proven  testing  methodology  that  ensures  the  high  quality  of  code  and successful delivery to our global clients.Also,  we  have  a  complete  set  of  internal  code  review  and  functions
    walkthrough  policy,  which  contains  co-worker  review,  peer  review,  cross walkthrough, and group walkthrough to ensure the code quality. 

  • Schedule Assurance 

    To ensure the on time delivery of projects we have developed a policy that is aimed to provide adequate visibility into actual progress and manage associated deviations from the schedules.

    Every week AES will release a project status report and a plan for the following week. This provides your project manager with a weekly control point for schedule management.